The painful decision to divorce is only the first in a long list of important decisions involving marriage dissolution. Fortunately, with the help of a trusted divorce attorney such as Wendi Armstrong, you will be better equipped to secure arrangements that are in your family’s best interest.

Types Of Divorce In Georgia

Some couples living in the state of Georgia opt for no-fault divorce, which occurs when a marriage is believed to be irretrievably broken. In this type of divorce, at least one of the spouses must be able to prove that the relationship is damaged to the point that reconciliation is not possible. Twelve fault-based grounds for divorce also exist in Georgia, although the vast majority of those who pursue fault-based divorces cite infidelity or cruel treatment as the primary issue.

Although it is not necessary for a divorcing spouse to cite one of the aforementioned at-fault grounds for divorce, this approach to marriage dissolution can prove useful in some cases. Factors such as infidelity and cruel treatment may have a major impact on child custody and visitation decisions.

If you have children, an experienced attorney can help you navigate the difficult issues you may face such as a determination of the appropriate amount of child support, child custody issues, and visitation arrangements.

Approaches To The Divorce Process

A variety of approaches can be pursued while navigating the divorce process; some are lengthier, more expensive and more stressful than others. Spouses on good terms and in agreement about most issues may choose to pursue mediation, which involves negotiating an agreement with the assistance of a neutral third party. Others prefer collaborative divorce, in which the lawyers for both sides agree to utilize cooperative techniques in an effort to reach a settlement outside of court. If one spouse believes that lingering marital issues cannot be resolved peacefully, the only remaining option may be litigation.

Not only is divorce emotionally painful, it can be incredibly stressful. A variety of important decisions must be made, and often, while advocating for such decisions, divorcing spouses face significant conflicts of interest. No matter which approach you choose to pursue, you can take comfort in knowing that Wendi Armstrong will provide the high-quality legal counsel and courtroom representation you require.

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